Family Law

Family law is unique. Disputes revolving around family matters are generally complex, emotionally charged and difficult to resolve without an expense of time and money. Our North Shore family lawyers understand the importance and complexity of these matters and aim to make the process less difficult for you.

Our collective experience dealing with family law enables us to help you through issues surrounding separation and matters that affect you, your children and your property. The areas we cover are the following:

Parenting (custody / contact) Orders

A parenting order is an order made by the Family Court indicating which parent is responsible for day-to-day care of a child, and when and how someone else important in the child's life can have contact with them.


Relocation applications are when a parent wishes to take the children and relocate to another part of Auckland, New Zealand or overseas. Whether you are the one seeking to relocate or the other, seek professional legal advice as soon as possible.

Guardianship matters

If you are currently looking after someone else’s child and wish to formalise your role as a guardian, or experiencing other issues in guardianship, let us help.

Child Abduction / Hague Convention proceedings

When your spouse has taken your child and left Auckland or New Zealand without your permission, your child is a victim of child abduction. We encourage that you obtain legal advice immediately, particularly if you have reason to believe your child is to be removed from the country.

Child Support

If your child support arrangements needs to be settled or you do not agree with the child support agreement made, come to us. We provide advice on how to handle these conflicts and the options available to you.

Domestic Violence

If you are in danger or worry about your safety because of your partner, immediate action must be made. We have experience in both applying for and defending applications for a protection order under the Domestic Violence Act 1995.


If you are looking to adopt a new family member, our lawyers can make all stages of the adoption process run smoothly.

Our Auckland family lawyers are committed to providing constructive specialist advice in all family matters and guiding you through the process. Let us help in these stressful times and consult one of our lawyers today.