Employment Law

Employment law entails the rights and obligations of employees and employers. We provide legal advice and resolutions in the following areas of employment law:

Personal Grievances

As indicated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, the Employment Relations Act enables an employee to file for personal grievance on the following grounds:

  • unjustifiable dismissal
  • unjustifiable action which disadvantages the employee
  • discrimination
  • sexual harassment (by someone in authority or by co-workers)
  • racial harassment
  • duress over membership of a union or other employee organisation.

Seek legal advice from our Auckland employment lawyers on how to pursue the case.

Performance Issues

If the work you are doing is not up to standards or often results in errors, you may face performance issues by your employer. The employer, on the other hand, must demonstrate that they have followed a fair procedure to establish the employee’s lack of capability. Consult us for legal advice on these.


Employees can benefit from legal practical advice, considering their limited financial resources and the power relationship between employees and their employers. If you are an employee experiencing problems in an ongoing business relationship with your employer, these issues must be handled and resolved in a way that addresses them, not make them worse. This is where our help and experience in employment law come in.


We also offer legal advice to employers and handle matters regarding personal grievances, performance management and employment agreements. If an employer is going through an expansion, it is often difficult to move to a size where they must adopt a less personal and more systematic approach. Our North Shore employment lawyers can give support by providing or updating employment agreements suitable to the particular workplace and position.

If you are an employer who needs advice on employment law matters, or an employee who feels wronged by your employer’s misconducts, please contact one of our lawyers. We are ready to assist and guide you through these challenges in a timely, practical manner.